The Scope of Publications

This encompasses the following:

Analysis of the social impact of institutions (for example, Alienation, 74; Family, 80; Medicine, 86; Values, 91).
Assessment of social and environmental policies and management (For example, Unemployment, 81; Conservation Strategy, 86; Salinity, 88; Urban/Rural Fringe Development, 1990; Co-operative Land Management, 1992.
Human–Nature relations (for example, Community Planning for Ecotourism, 1997; Australian Ecotourism, 2000; Ecopsychology for sustainable development, 1996, 2002, 2003).
Futures thinking, (for example, Australia 2020, 83; Designing for a Sustainable Humane Future, 87; A Village Based City; 91; Ecobuilding for community development, 2003).
Professional issues: (for example, The Role of the Planner, 75, The Indigenisation of Sociology, 79; Environmental Education; 87).

Core Publications


Cock PH and Pfueller SL. 2000. Australian Ecotourism: contributing to ecological and community sustainability Monash University No 54
Cock, PH. 1979. Alternative Australia: Communities for the Future? (Quartet Books, Melbourne/London, 292 pp.


Cock PH. etal (1997) Community Planning for Ecotourism: Partnerships for Sustainable futures. Monash University. Book 1, 88p & Book 2, 40p.
Scott, G. and Cock, PH., 1995. Australia 2030, Ed Soft, Melbourne.

Book Chapters

2003 Ecopsycholgy practice for nature carers in John Cameron (ed) Changing Places: Re-imagining Australia, Longueville books, Double Bay, N.S.W.
2003 Black/white senses of country: towards an intermediate sense for Australian environmental wellbeing John Cameron (ed) Changing Places: Re-imagining Australia, Longueville books, Double Bay, N.S.W.
2003 Ecobuilding for community development’ in Alan Dearling and G Meltzer (eds) Another kind of space: creating ecological dwellings and environments, Enabler publications, Dorset, U.K.
2002 Partnerships for Sustainability: psychology for ecology in Schmuck, P & Schultz, W (eds) Psychology for Sustainable Development, Kluwer Academic Publishers, London. Chapter 9, pp175-197.
2000 Pathways for community development in Dearling (ed) Alternative Australia, London
1996 Toward an Ecopsychology for Sustainable Development in Carr, S and Schumaker, J. (ed) Psychology and the Developing World, New York: Praeger.
1995 From Communal Theory to Ecospiritual Practice, in Metcalf. W, (ed) From Utopian Dreaming to Communal Reality, University of New South Wales Press.


2007 Grass Root Communities as the Heart of Green Citizenship, Greens Party journal
2007 with Towns, B. Wild Journey into Social and Sacred Ecology Pan (Issue 4i)
2006 with Sylvie Shaw “A journey into Social and Sacred Ecology’ Eingana, Vol 29, No 1
1996. Pfueller SL and Cock PH. Stakes in tourism. Community Quarterly 39: 3-8.
1995 “Beyond Doom and Gloom”, Cappuccino Papers, No 1, July

Conference proceedings and reports

I have given over 100 conference papers, and media interviews.

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