Many years of my life I have spent in rural areas while raising a family. This environment provided me with time to spend in contemplation and reflection. From this base and my own research and reading I developed a practical course based on seasonal exercises that provide a pathway to self examination in relationship to the natural world and guidance for exploration into a deeper and more meaningful engagement with nature. This work is called EARTHWALK and has been taught both in Australia and the USA for sixteen years.

My intention has always been to seek to provide a framework for immersion into nature and create a “fertile place” from which to examine the social constructs that determine our daily responses and foster a discovery of inherent self value and inherent valuing of nature.

In observing the specific details of nature and becoming aware of our senses we can then become aware of our responses to that which we are observing and through this simple reflection develop empathy and respect for the gifts of Creation which we take for granted each day.

Time spent as a child in Papua New Guinea, and ensuing contacts with other cultural influences has rubbed off on me more than I realised. This contact has blurred the edges of my western thought, altering forever some of my deepest places of accountability and experience of selfhood.

It is a tremendous gift to have lived so many years of my life in pristine, natural forest areas in Australia: Northern New South Wales, Maleny, Queensland, Yarra Valley, Victoria. There have been uninterrupted times in my life for years on end, time to participate in Nature’s world of beauty and moods, to explore and to be in beauty from dawn to sunset – again and again. This immersion has brought regeneration: physically, emotionally and mentally and has offered internal stillness and equanimity.

Reconnection with ourselves and the natural world is not intended to be an escape from the lives we have now but an opportunity to recover resilience and vigour. This will prepare us to effect and support sustainable changes within our communities. The intention, as with any real transformation process, is that knowledge enhance and our commitment with life, each other and the community. Relationship with nature is not pursued as an alternative to people relationships. This work promotes a belief in, and conscious valuing of, that which seeks to unify rather than separate.

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"Journeys in Wildness"
2021 Moora Moora Cooperative

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"This was the best thing I have ever done".
— Suzanne

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