The emphasis of this workshop is on using the experience of being in wilderness and in community to bring alive the meaning of social and sacred ecology.

Sometimes we forget that our human existence and wellbeing are dependent on our relations with human, other species and nature’s elements. Regenerating the human/nature relationship takes us further into a commitment with life. Social and sacred ecology addresses the rest of nature as a potential partner and source of learning and healing. The facilitators of this experience are elders in this work.

Some of the questions which will be explored are:

  • How do we achieve a work/life balance that is sustainable?
  • How will time to regenerate in nature support my current life choices?
  • What do I need to think, feel and do to become a person committed to the earth's life, for life?

The experience is designed to help us remember that we are nature as well as human. This intensive offers an opportunity to be part of a small community exploring our relations to a wild place and practices involved in making "sacred" that which gives life.

Over 10 days participants will reflect on their social and environmental life supports for personal wellbeing. We practice survival skills, walk the land, listen, reflect and draw energy from being solo in a special place. At night we share stories around the fire.

About the location

Moreton Island National Park is a place on the edge of land and sea, an island separated from the mainland. It is a place with a long history of human-nature relations. Most importantly it is a place of nature's power.

To quote Alan Glenninges, the ecotourism operator who will be providing the infrastructure for the experience,

“There is something very special about being by the sea on Moreton at the end of August. I would expect that during the 10 days you will experience at least one westerly change which brings in South East Queensland clear blue skies, exceptional visibility ~ from Mt Tempest it is possible to see as far as Cunningham's Gap on the Great Divide. During westerlies the offshore winds flatten the sea and ocean water becomes crystal.

“As Moreton extends further into the Pacific than the rest of the South East coast the water is truly beautiful. Although Brisbane is buffeted by these westerlies the surf side of Moreton is protected from these winds, and so being on the beach is truly stunning. Whales seem to take advantage of the calm waters during these westerlies and travel close to the coast. However westerlies do impact badly with snorkelling but we will be able to find a good day during a 10 day trip.”

Next exploration

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"This was the best thing I have ever done".
— Suzanne

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