Death of your life, our culture, species, our future is closer than you think.

 So far we have been living longer with the increasing technological reconstruction of what it means to be alive. The earth response to our death dealing culture through climate volatility is bearing down on our future. The near future looks like it will reverse life expectancy while changing what it means to be human.

 Increasingly we don't honour our ancestors nor believe in an after life. So it is more important that how we die helps this life to live more fully. Citizenship for each of us can be empowered with being conscious of death and it's service to life. Death and dying is radical to life. It's potential is transformative as it confronts us individually and collectively to step outside of our taken for granted daily life and projected future.

 We are in denial of mortality. The death of our own person and those we love, the death of our culture as we know it and our economy of growth, radical inequality, and mega is good and greed is necessary. We are equal when we are born and when we die irrespective of how dressed up we are.

 Talking to aged Americans they say they don't expect to die, and get a real shock when it's their turn. Thereby wasting the opportunity to enrich life by including death into every day life. These denials deprive us of opportunities to change without revolutionary pain. Pain that we can’t use but just have to suffer. Our own death and meeting it well before we die is a great resource for change for life enrichment. How many times do you hear of people radically changing their life style, their worldviews, their ways of being after a near death experience of cancer or an accident, divorce...

 Why are we in denial? Is it the loss of control when dying over a cliff, others pain, your own. Don't have to confront ones end until it happens and then won't know if so drugged out.

 Can dying and our death become life saving? We need death in the light to help us transform our death dealing society that is so smug in its present life extension capabilities. Our dominant culture is destroying our future for our children and for other species. How through death and it's threat can we paradigm shift our suicidal culture, and help it become life saving. And yet life is too precious so we can’t confront death. The paradox is that in our society we are so ready to take life in futile wars and so blindly destroy the life of other species and the prospects of life for the next generation.

I am working on developing a two to three day residential workshop on

Empowering End of Life Citizenship

Proposed course outline for residential workshop

Please contact me if you are interested or visit the website for updates.
Any proceeds of the this workshop including my fee will go to the Natural Death Advocacy Network.

Further reading and reflections on death and dying and empowering end of life citizenship

Oases Saturday Breakfast event:
Saturday August 1 2015   9am to 11.30am Hawthorn

I will be speaking about empowering and of life citizenship

For registrations please follow this link 


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