Living in community varies from house sharing to a whole intentional village

With the cost of housing out of reach for many, loss of community and lack of nature connection in everyday life, an increasing number of people are searching for alternatives.

In response, a diversity of new alternatives are emerging and well established communities have seen increased interest.

Living cooperatively and sharing resources requires a range of skills and attributes we as society have lost with the move to small nuclear families often living away from family and friends.

This course explores opportunities and challenges of living in community and provides participants with a greater awareness of the skills and attributes required to share and live with others including design, governance, relationships and individuality within community.

We will be drawing on the 46 years experiences and learnings
from Moora Moora Co-operative

The workshop will be facilitated by a co-founder of Moora Moora
Peter Cock and a long time member Chelsea McNab

Introductory one day workshop
28. February 2021
10am to 4pm
Venue: Moora Moora Cooperative, Healesville
Cost: $95 and concession $75 includes lunch and tour of the cooperative

Intensive weekend workshop
dates to be decided
Friday 8pm to Sunday 4.30pm
Venue: Moora Moora Cooperative, Healesville
There is a maximum of 20 people for the intensive workshop

For registration and more information
Contact: Moora Moora Learning Center Coordinator: Gaby Higgins
email: gabriellehiggins@hotmail


Cock PH 1979 Alternative Australia: Communities for the Future" Quartet Books, Melbourne /London

Metcalft W 1995 From Utopian Dreaming to Community Reality, University of New South Wales

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"This was the best thing I have ever done".
— Suzanne

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