Sandra makes an art form out of listening to her inner and outer worlds in unison….I am blown in assimulilating the depth of our sharing..being prescribed to even contemplate doing less than someone else was extremely uncomfortable. My community exposed my attachment to the martyr superwomen….


Thankyou Peter for “a wonderful journey into myself, and connection to earth and spirit


This subject deals with issues that are on a soul level of emotions, senses and experience


This class represents a significant turning point


I wanted to just sit and feel – the changing of the light, the forest smell, the sounds of birds, going to sleep, the insects, to watch the tiny spider struggle to weave a web attached to my sleeping bag, and to, with nervous fascination, observe a leach tumble across my path with some mysterious business to attend…

Boulet & Clabburn 2003

At the start of the SSE course, the group was quite heterogenous, not only in age and background, but also in the levels of exposure to concepts such as sacred in nature, social ecology etc.

On the very first evening of each SSE camp, the group built an altar. Laying down sacred objects, each person spoke about their desires, hopes and fears, The altars, the stories and ideas we shared did much to make the class aware of the place we were in, as well as focusing our minds and bodies on the work ahead

Link to article: Retreat to Return: Reflections on group based nature retreats
Published in Gatherings. Issue 8, 2003


This was the best thing I have ever done.

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"This was the best thing I have ever done".
— Suzanne

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