Nothing less than transformation of our culture is needed if we are to live within the earth's limits. 

The search for well being-well earth is also dependent on opportunities for humans to experience themselves within powerful naturescapes.


 Well being - Well Earth

The search for a well being - well earth is dependent on real and regular opportunities for humans to experience themselves within powerful naturescapes. 

Unfortunatly we spend less and less time outdoors. Our increasing everyday alientation from nature undermines the depth of heart and soul commitment for the earth.

At a time of ever increasing environmental devestation, we aim to provide opportunties for participants to review and reflect on the effect this devastation and the accompanying disconnection from nature has on a personal and social level. 

 Social ecology is the study of processes of regenerating connection between people and the rest of nature.

It recognises that human existence and well-being is dependent on having significant relationships with human and non-human species. 

The Sacred acknowledges a spiritual understanding of the natural world, however this is manifested.

It is not connected to one particular religious or spiritual tradition, but it is found in encounters with 'otherness' that reach beyond oneself and within oneself.

The fusion of Social and Sacred Ecology joins the humancenteredness of the social, the transcendence of the sacred, with the interconnectedness of the web of life.

We offer a range of multiday opportunities to explore the relationships between individuals and nature. The emphasis is on using the experience of being in wilderness and in community to bring the meaning of social and sacred ecology alive. 

Our learning experiences are based on nature and human community as teacher and healer. 

Our multi-day intensive workshops provide a unique opportunity to use the experience of being in wilderness and community to bring alive the meaning of social and sacred ecology.

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"This was the best thing I have ever done".
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